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Act Now!

Are you behind on your house payments and being threatened with foreclosure?

Have you received a Notice of Default from an attorney?

Do you realize you still have time to do something?

As professional REALTORS, we have seen people walk away from their homes long before they need to and give up their rights. Guess what happened when their home was foreclosed on by their lender? The lender listed it with a REALTOR! The homeowners could have done that!

Many homeowners do not understand Utah’s foreclosure laws. Remember all those papers you signed when you closed escrow on your home? Those papers gave your lender legal rights, but they gave you rights, too!

Most home loans in Utah are made using a Deed of Trust. Once you have defaulted making your monthly payments, the lender’s attorney can file a Notice of Default with the county your property is located in.

You have 90 days from that date before the house is actually foreclosed on to do something!

What can you do? Sell the house and prevent having a foreclosure on your record.

Don’t let foreclosure occur! Block foreclosure by quickly selling your house now and your credit record will look much better to the next lender you approach for a home loan.

Have you been told you owe more on the house than it is worth in today’s market and you think that traps you in a situation where you can’t market your home? It doesn’t.

You can market your home and advertise it as a possible short sale regardless of the amount it is worth and the amount you owe.

What is a short sale? A short sale is where a lender agrees to accept an amount less than you owe. Lenders obviously don’t like to do that, but they do it all the time. Why? They do it because it’s expensive for them to foreclose and sell a property.

If you have a REALTOR present your lender with a viable short sale contract, they are apt to cooperate and put you in a much better position.

So why walk away when you still have time to significantly improve a bad situation? Act now! The sooner your home is marketed by a REALTOR who knows how to get it done, the better off you will be!

We are experienced in dealing with situations like yours. We are ready and willing to help you avoid foreclosure. Call us today!


Disclaimer: Neither the principal broker of JADA Properties nor its agents are licensed attorneys-at-law.